Why Tint Your Windows?

Many factors have been found to the benefit you receive from applying window film to your vehicle. Below are some of the top benefits:

Enhance security and privacy – Window tint protects the privacy and security for the contents in your automobile.

Prevent interior fading – Harmful UV rays can cause your cars upholstery to crack and fade. Applying window film to your automobile blocks these unwanted UV rays and heat which acts as a sunscreen for your vehicle.

Provides accident protection – Window film can help shattered glass stay together in an auto accident, protecting the passengers in your vehicle.

Reduce inside cabin temperature – During hot summer days your car’s interior cabin temperature can be reduced by 60% with proper window film

Provide a safe protection to your skin – Harmful UV rays can cause skin damage or even skin cancer. SunTeks Carbon window films block 99% of the damaging rays allowing great protection to your skin.

Reduced Glare – Reduce glare from the sun, snow and headlights allowing for safer driving and increased visibility

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